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Global Test - Details

Posted on 2024-04-12 in Announcements


The test is taking place this sunday - here's what you should know.

Your feedback

I care a lot about telemetry. I need to collect as much data as possible to improve Octet before the first release. Therefore, for the test's needs, I decided to utilize the friends and memo function as a bridge between the testers and me. When joining, a "friend" entry will be added in the form of Octet's submission number. By sending a memo message to this number, you can suggest changes or report encountered bugs.


I'll also provide quite a few commands for testers (type /help in game chat to view commands).


Test server account registration via will open 30 minutes before the start time (3:30pm in GMT+9 timezone). Registration will be possible from the front page.

After registration, it will be a good time to have a final check to verify that your game client launches correctly. To join the server, you will need to enter the Server IP provided at the register website into the launcher included in the previous post. image

Event schedule

The time mentioned below in the GMT+9 time zone.

3:30pm - Start of registration

4:10pm - Opening Ceremony, group photo

4:20pm - Secret

9:00pm - Initial test finish time

Test will be held This sunday at 4:00 pm (GMT+9), The duration is scheduled for 5 hours with the possibility of extending for another 3 hours.

See you this sunday!