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Octet Beta

Posted on 2024-05-10 in Announcements


Today marks the 19th anniversary of Yogurting's open beta release in Korea.

Happy Birthday Yogurting!

Since this day is considered the game's release day, I decided to celebrate it with something we've all been waiting a long time for.

Octet Beta is now available to download!

Current state of the server allows you to get acquainted with the way it works and start creating your private server.

There are still missing features and problems I'd like to solve, and for this reason I did not feel confident enough to release Octet as a major version. This beta allows relatively stable operation of private servers, but a grain of caution is advised for server operators.

Octet will be periodically updated, bringing new episodes, features and improvements. Here's the development plan for next year:



Quest items:

They will work just like CoItems or EnItems, but they will not be able to be bought or sold. The planned date is summer this year.

Server browser

To help players easily find servers running on Octet, a list of servers will appear on the main page. The planned date is the end of this year. It will be a good time for server operators to make their servers public.


Adminium will be a multi-functional server administration tool with GUI, powered by the API at the back-end. Planned date during the course of 2025.


I've created a GitHub repository containing server releases, you can download the release from there. The repository is also used to report issues with Octet and also contains language files that you can improve to make Octet's localization better.


With this release, the newsletter's mission has come to an end. The data of all subscribers will be securely deleted. Any new announcements will be published on this blog.

Thank you all for your patience and for not doubting my project. I promise that any imperfections will be addressed in the future as quickly as possible. The adventure of Octet's development has been amazing.