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Yogurting's new era is here.

Octet is a new Yogurting game server emulator with a mission to enhance the game’s current capabilities and restore features that have been absent since the game’s support ended. Download


One of the main principles of the development process was compatibility. The same Score XML scripts written initially for Quartet will work seamlessly in Octet, and additional schema features will enhance the player experience.

Database migration

Existing Quartet servers can transition to Octet without loss of player data: the Octet Migration Tool will take care of this for you.


Octet's fundamental task is to reimplement episodes.

Episodes are being added using a scripting language, reconstructed step by step based on existing gameplay footage.

Thanks to the engagement of community, we’ve managed to preserve footage of 110 unique episodes, including 60 gameplay videos. This gives a good chance of recreating at least some part of it.

Permission management

Octet features an expanded Permissions system. Server operators can modify which commands player groups can execute, and even which game actions they can perform.


Multilingual support

Octet is capable of supporting multiple languages simultaneously. Along with translated CLI, chat messages, or episodes, server operators can simply adapt NPC dialogs to the language used by each player.


Depending on server operator's preferences, Octet can check for new releases.

Updates will focus on stability improvements, adding new episodes, and possibly restoring further features of the game.


Octet beta is now available for download. Thank you for your patience. Enjoy!