2024-06-23 Release notes

Posted on 2024-06-23 in Update




The next update which will be released as early as this summer, in addition to more improvements and number of bugs fixed, will …

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There is a way

Posted on 2024-06-15 in Update


It's been more than a month since Octet's beta release. The post-release time has been pretty challenging, but that strengthens my determination to keep going.

Here's a list of changes that have affected Octet through minor updates over the past month:


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Octet Beta

Posted on 2024-05-10 in Announcements


Today marks the 19th anniversary of Yogurting's open beta release in Korea.

Happy Birthday Yogurting!

Since this day is considered the game's release day, I decided to celebrate it with something we've all been waiting a long time for.

Octet Beta is now available to download!

Current state of the …

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Global Test - Details

Posted on 2024-04-12 in Announcements


The test is taking place this sunday - here's what you should know.

Your feedback

I care a lot about telemetry. I need to collect as much data as possible to improve Octet before the first release. Therefore, for the test's needs, I decided to utilize the friends and memo function …

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Octet Global Test

Posted on 2024-03-31 in Announcements


The long-awaited moment has arrived. After months of preparation from my side, as from outside what looked like a complete silence, I am back to you with brilliant news.

Thank you for your patience and welcome to Octet's blog!

I am pleased to announce that there will be a public …

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